Textile machine for dyeing, finishing, resin finishing & corting : ARIMOTO KIGYO Co., Ltd.

Privacy policy

Basic policy

Our company will think the accurate, safe handling and the protection of individual information to be a social obligation, and declare the following.

  1. Our company tries to manage individual information appropriately because the rule concerning protection of individual information is provided, and all staff observe it.
  2. Management and the supervisor of protection of individual information are set up besides an educational enlightening activity to in-house is executed about the importance of protection of individual information, and our company establishes and operates the proper management and the system of the audit.
  3. To generate the loss of unlawful computer access to individual information and individual information, destruction or neither falsifications nor the leakages, etc. , our company will execute the security precaution.
  4. Our company..individual..information..collection..use..offer..individual..information..individual rights..esteem..collection..purpose..use..range..limitation..specify..proper management..try.
  5. Our company observes a law, internal regulations of Japan concerning individual information, and other standards.
  6. Our company continuously reviews the content of the above-mentioned activity, and seeks improvements.

Purpose of use

Our company is paying close attention to the treatment by using individual information for the following purpose.

  • Delivery and maintenance of commodity